"Diabetes and Exercise:
Why Exercise Works When Insulin Does Not"
Dr. Laurie J. Goodyear

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  1. Chapter One: Basic Physiology of Type II Diabetes
  2. Chapter Two: Exercise,Iinsulin and Skeletal Muscle Glucose Transport
  3. Chapter Three: Distinct Mechanisms: Insulin-Stimulated vs Exercise-Stimulated Glucose Transport
  4. Chapter Four: 5' AMP-Activated Protein Kinase as the Exercise "Signal"
  5. Chapter Five: Type II Diabetes Patients: Does Exercise Cause Glucose Uptake?
  6. Chapter Six: Can We Make a Drug That Mimics Exercise by Activating the AMPK pathway?
  7. Chapter Seven: "The Exercise Pill"
  8. Chapter Eight: Benefits of Regular Exercise vs Benefits of an Exercise Pill
  9. Chapter Nine: Questions and Answers