"The Physiology of Cell Division"
Dr. Daniel Needleman

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  1. Chapter One: Intersection of Physics, Active Liquid Crystals & Cell Biology
  2. Chapter Two: Overview of Cell Division and Spindle Fibers
  3. Chapter Three: Spindle Fibers Are Medically Important
  4. Chapter Four: Overview of Metaphase Spindle: Two Types of Microtubules
  5. Chapter Five: Spindle Microtubules are Dynamic
  6. Chapter Six: Spindle Microtubules: Organized by Protein Motors & Cross-Linkers
  7. Chapter Seven: The Metaphase Spindle is a Stable Structure
  8. Chapter Eight: Summary: Metaphase Spindle: Non-Equlibrium, Steady-State Structure
  9. Chapter Nine: Questions & Answers