Do I really have to wash my hands?

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Who cares if you wash your hands before making a snack?





Do you follow the "5 second rule" if your cookie falls on the floor?

Does your parent freak out if you leave the bathroom without washing your hands?

Does your family let the dog lick your hands while you're having dinner?

Were you taught to wash your hands when you were little?

Why, if my hands look perfectly clean, do I have to bother to wash them?

This website will allow you to do research so you can reach your own conclusions.

"Do I really have to wash my hands?"


The school nurse needs you to produce a brochure to inform high school students about basic hygiene to enhance their health.



  1. Answer the questionnaire your teacher hands out, to see what you already know and think about basic hygiene.
  2. Print out the grading rubric (see EVALUATION below.) Use this as a checklist as your work on this project.
  3. Read and research using the RESOURCES (links to the left) to get information you will need for your brochure.
  4. Take notes to use in your brochure. (You must pass in handwritten notes with your finished brochure.)
  5. Create your brochure with the specific information required in the rubric.


Your grade will be based on a finished product- your brochure.

See the rubric for points you will receive.



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Thanks to the VA Healthcare Network of Upstate NY for the handwashing image.
The header images are thumbnails of Bharat Rao's (Institute for Technology and Enterprise Polytechnic University, New York) "Emerging Germs"

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